Who is ColouringPieces.com for?

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Who is ColouringPieces.com for?  Colouring Pieces is a family online magazine.   Why the name?  Many pieces make up our lives, and we are colouring the pieces as we go and grow.  Here we discuss and bring practical solutions to some of your questions and challenges you may face.   

The four main categories we cover are relationship dynamics that you find under All the Colours of the Rainbow.  We address ages from toddlers to the elderly, and of course, our beloved pets.   

We love good food and look at the many ways that the kitchen brings us together.   Under Family in the Kitchen, we cook and bake together and dive into everything that kitchen related. 

Inspire Me is filled with creative activities and ideas for each group.   

We love to read and research and regularly bring you information and ideas to gain more knowledge or explore further.   If you are curious and want to know more,  What We Learned is your go-to.

All the Colours of the Rainbow

Relationship Dynamics

Our world is changing, and we’d like to exchange ideas on how to best adapt and grow our relationships stronger.  Regardless of family size and type, we cover topics from toddlers to the age of the elderly.  Single or coupled, you will find a piece of content that you’ll enjoy or brings you a solution.  We didn’t forget about our beloved pets because they are part of our stories.

Family in the Kitchen

We’ll cook and bake together, trying out new recipes, finding the best budget for groceries (not at all an easy task), organizing our kitchen and pantry.  Though we don’t advise you on any diet, we research the science behind them.  We’ll let you decide what’s best for you.  Our recipes are versatile and healthy.  Some are easy and quick; others are more elaborate.   We’ll walk you through the recipes step-by-step and provide you with many free tools that help you on your cooking journey.  We cover other kitchen related topics as well, like organizing under Kitchen & Pantry Scavenger Hunt.  To find out more, read the article, 6 Things I Want to Help My Audience in the Kitchen.  

Inspire Me

At our cour, we are creators.   We write, paint, cook, fix a car, organize, plant or garden, and mould our relationships.   Whatever it is we do, it brings out our individuality,  triggers our imaginations, makes us happy and light and can bring balance and harmony to our lives.  We recommend activities for your children, you, and your elderly parents.

What We Learned

We love to research and read.  In What We Learned, we regularly review podcasts, articles, videos, books, and products. Every Friday, we are posting new articles. and review books once a month. 

In summary, these are the topics we invite you to explore with us.

  • Family relationship dynamics in our changing world – this topic alone has multiple layers, which we’ll address as they come
  • The characters: you, your partner, your children, your elderly parents and your pets
  • Family in the Kitchen – Recipes, cooking, baking, organizing
  • Food & Health
  • Creativity – Inspiring activities & entertainment
  • Book reviews, article, podcasts, interviews, videos

How can I read reach out to Colouring Pieces?  We’d love to hear from you!  You can sign up for our e-mail here.  You’ll receive a weekly newsletter on Saturdays.  The mails are short and brief so you can glance through them with your morning coffee quickly.  The newsletters let you know what you missed in a week and provide you with links that you may find useful.

You can also find us on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

We are looking forward to getting to know you better and enjoy our journey together.

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